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  Home Page Top

1 Home Page Top EHP1 Send Your Proposal Send Your Proposal Available  
2 Homepage Bottom EHPB1     Available  
3 Homepage Bottom EHPB2     Available  
4 Homepage Bottom EHPB3     Available  
5 Homepage Bottom EHPB4     Available  
  Indian Newspapers Page

1 Top Middle 1 NP1     Available  
2 Top Middle 2 NP2     Available  
3 Top Middle 3 NP3     Available  
4 Right Side Bar NP4     Available  
5 Bottom of Page 1 NP5     Available  
6 Bottom of Page 2 NP6     Available  
7 Bottom of Page 3 NP7     Available  
8 Bottom of Page 4 NP8     Available  
9 Bottom of Page 5 NP9     Available  
  All Indian Banks Page

1 Top Banner IB1     Available  
  Indian Magazines Page

1 Top Ad IM1     Available  
2 Middle Ad IM2     Available  
3 Bottom Ad1 IM3     Available  
4 Bottom Ad2 IM4     Available  
5 Bottom Ad3 IM5     Available  
6 Bottom Ad4 IM6     Available  
7 Bottom Ad5 IM7     Available  
8 Bottom Ad6 IM8     Available  
9 Bottom Ad7 IM9     Available